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Moez Sghaier - Private Guide in Tunis

 Member Since 2009  Professional license orcertificate Professional
Country: Tunisia I conduct tours in cities: Bulla Regia, Carthage, Chebika, Chenini, Dahmani, Djerba, Dougga, Douiret, Douz, El Djem, El Kef, Hammamet, Jugurtha's Table, Kairouan, Ksar Ouled Soltane, Makthar, Mareth, Matmata, Mides, Sbeitla, Sfax, Shimtu, Sidi-Bou-Said, Takrouna, Tataouine, Testour, Toujane, Tozeur, Tunis, Uthina Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Arabic Experience: 22 years Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Degree (BTS) in Tourism from the National Institute of Tourism, Tunisia

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Arabic

My name is Moez Sghaier. I am an official Tour Guide of Tunisia, interpreter and translator with over 20 years of experience. I have worked with a variety of international guests, travel companies, special interest groups and journalists (New York Times, Il Giornale, etc.)

I offer high quality, tailor-made tours for individuals, families and groups according to your needs. I have listed just a few examples below, but I am able to customize every journey according to your interests and budget.

I can take you to off-the-beaten-track places and show you some of the hidden gems of Tunisia, away from package holiday excursion groups: from small villages where you have a chance to interact with local people, stunning archaeological sites, desert excursions, to the the Berber south with its medieval ksour.

 I am able to incorporate any or all of the following interests into a tour:

·        Archaeological: magnificent Punic, Roman, Berber & Islamic sites & monuments

·        Historical: sites of historical interest, from antiquity to World War II.

·        Cultural: the villages and cultures of Tunisia, from the “Green North”, the interior, the legendary isle of Djerba to the Oases & Southern Desert regions.

·        Adventure: trekking, Sahara desert trips (camel trek, desert camps), 4x4 excursions, motorcycle tours.

·        Culinary: visit local markets, fine wineries & some of the best restaurants in the country.

·      Artistic: visit the workshops and studios of local artists and artisans and colourful medinas

·        Custom tailored tours for the individual with flexible programs

·        VIP, Incentive Groups, Special Interest: I can organize trips and activities according to your requests

·        Educational: I have guided groups from various schools & universities according to their academic focus (art, archaeology, international politics, etc.)

I offer: Day excursions, tour programs from 1-18 days, and shore excursions.

Accommodation: I can arrange accommodation according to your budget, from 3-5* hotels, boutique hotels, or charming Bed & Breakfast stays.


Latest Customer's Opinions:

, USA, Kalamazoo, 2012-04-10
David about guide from Tunis

I hired Moez in April 2012 for a one-week private guided tour by rental car, to take in the major sights of southern and eastern Tunisia. Just for background, I am a solo traveler of "senior" age, and have traveled in other nonwestern countries. I do not speak French or Arabic.

Moez meets you wherever you are--regarding budget, interests, time available, whatever your concerns. He designs your tour for you and not what he thinks you should do or see. At my request, he gave me a printed "suggested itinerary" before we started out. But because the tour was private, he was flexible and we made some changes as we went, some at his suggestion, some at mine.

He talks as much or as little as you want. His knowledge of his country is encyclopedic. If you want, he will talk about Tunisia's history, politics, people, religion, culture, food, geography, archeology.

He will guide you in shopping opportunities if that's what you want, or steer you away from them if you're not interested. He will leave you alone to the fun of haggling if you want, or you can ask his advice on prices. Gauging your sense of adventure, he will introduce you to new experiences--stretching your comfort zone just enough but not too much.

His English is not only easy and fluent, but at a very high level. He's very well-read and an interesting conversationalist. He talks to others in French or Arabic, which is a major reason to hire a guide if you don't speak either. And wherever we went, local people would greet him--either they were friends, or they remembered him from previous visits. Very few Tunisians, even in hotels or restaurants, speak any English. (For travelers from Germany and Italy, he is also fluent in those languages.)

He drives well and safely, and is ready for those who do not drive well or safely. He doesn't smoke in the car, and he doesn't use his cellphone while driving. He keeps the radio off or on, as you desire. He accommodates himself to your need for a/c even if he doesn't need it.

He is punctual, and ready to start the day's travel at 7:30 (assuming that suits you), and keeps going until the sun sets (again, if that suits you). He stops where you want to take pictures, and also knows particular spots that you will want to take pictures. He leads you to little cafes and restaurants, and sometimes hotels, that are not in the guidebooks.

Moez is professional, delivers what he promises, and is good company.

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