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Anta Grande do Zambujeiro is an attraction to view on an excursion in Evora. This megalithic monument is positioned in Nossa Senhora da Tourega, near Valverde, in the municipality of Evora. A guide in Evora can escort guests to this erection considered to be one of the largest of such structures in the entire Iberian Peninsula. Through research, this dolmen structure is believed to date all the way back between 4000-3000 B.C.  

This is simultaneous with the megalithic creation linked to the area of Evora.  Anta Grande do Zambujeiro was acknowledged as a national monument by the Portuguese government back in 1971.  This spectacular monument demonstrates the organizational as well as technical abilities of the Neolithic settlements and cultural groups of the specific era. It is made up of an unbalanced, free-standing design that is composed of a one chamber that is has a horizontal body with a many-sided chamber and rectangular corridor.  

The memorial chamber and access corridor are enclosed with chunks of rock, the large granite slabs over the funerary chamber, and tinier rock pieces on the entrance corridor. A tours in Evora can include this point of interest and discussed extensively with a private guide in Evora.

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