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Why not hire a guide in Portugal when deciding to take tours in Monsaraz.  Monsaraz is a civil parish of the municipality of the Reguengos de Monsaraz, near its border with Spain.  The borough is situated in such a location that it stands out from the others.  Due to the particular geographic position of this city, the hilltop of Monsaraz has always existed as very significant area in the history of the metropolis.  This specific region has continued to be lived in by many different peoples dating all the way back to the pre-historical times.

Your private guide in Monsaraz will be knowledgeable and can answer any pertinent questions about this city; it happens to be one of the most ancient Portuguese settlements in the south of Portugal.  This remarkable region contains a wide spectrum of lovely churches that beg to be seen and are consistently visited by trekkers time and time again when on their vacation getaways.  

An excursion in Monsaraz offers so much to see and experience for its tourists and therefore should not be overlooked as a vacation destination.  Furthermore, without a doubt an enthusiastic, friendly guide in Monsaraz can boost the overall enjoyment of the trip.

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