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The Palace of the Marquises of Fronteira is a Portuguese palace located in Lisbon, Portugal.   The palace remains situated in a vicinity that is very serene an optimum for an excursion in Lisbon.  Its house and garden have glazed tiles that depict a variety of themes.  These include battles as well as monkeys playing trumpets, for example.

Room of the Battles has sections that are symbolic of scenes that illustrate the Portuguese Restoration War.  The dining room is ornamented with portraits expressing a number of the members the Portuguese aristocracy that were painted by famous artists.  A guide in Lisbon will explain important details to guests.  An interesting sight to take in is that the facade is decorated with stones, shells, broken glass and porcelains. It is thought that those particular fragments were utilized in the palace’s induction and were fragmented purposely with the intention of not being used thereafter.  

Although the Marquis of Fronteira resides in the palace today, a few of the rooms, as well as the library and garden are available for public views. Your private guide in Lisbon is able to escort you on a visit.  A tour in Lisbon is an absolutely fabulous vacation destination.

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