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Sanctuary of Fatima Fatima Portugal : Tours and Excursion

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An excursion in Fatima should include a trek to Sanctuary of Fatima.  The Sanctuary of Fatima is a cluster of Roman Catholic edifices in the civil parish of Fatima, located in the municipality of Ourem in Portugal.  

A private guide in Fatima shows tourists this sanctuary that contains numerous buildings, shrines and monuments representing religious, political, and social importance through panoramas and scenes. The basilica consists of a high centralized bell-tower and nave adorned by a bronze crown and illuminated cross. There are angels on the central facade of the sanctuary.  A statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is located within and the sanctuary holds a massive statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  A guide in Fatima will answer any questions visitors may have. There are fifteen altars and an organ with five keyboards and pedals  in the choir.  

Beautiful stained-glass windows signify food in the desert and the Last Supper.  The Chapel of Apparitions is at the very center of the sanctuary, positioned at the precise location of the Marian apparitions.  It is indicated by a marble pillar and enclosed casing with the image of the Virgin Mary. A tour in Fatima is an excellent journey to take.

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