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Tomar is a city and a municipality in Portugal where a guide in Portugal can escort guests.  The town of Tomar was created within the walls of the Convent of the Order of Christ.  Tomar is one of Portugal's historical gems and even more meaningfully it was the final Templar town to be ordered for assembly.  

The Convent of the Order of Christ in Tomar is thought to be the most outstanding of all places to visit in Portugal.  This landmark should not be overlooked on a tour in Tomar. It was founded by the Knights Templar and it is a marvelous point of interest that is a definite “must see” to be fully appreciated.  A private guide in Tomar will ensure this awesome city is visited.   Tomar is situated in the most fertile area of Portugal and olive, pine, and fig trees are grown here.  

This city is a magnet for tourists resulting from its various monuments where a guide in Tomar will lead the way.  The Convent of the Order of Christ is by far the chief monument of the city as well as being one of the most significant in Portugal.  An excursion in Tomar is incredible.

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