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Adventure tour in Montego Bay. Jamaica. South America

Adventure tour

Join our Adventure Tour to Montego Bay. Discover the beauty of this city and its wonderful treasures. Learn about its intriguing history and taste its outstanding cuisine. Indulge yourself in a wide variety of adventurous activities.

Adventure tour in Montego Bay

Dunns River Falls Ocho Rios

Guide: Palmer
Type: Adventure tour in Montego Bay
Price: $40 pp
Duration: 7 hours
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miriam:  we arrive at falmouth on the freedom of the seas on march 21 at 10 am and depart at 7 pm. we want to go to the dunns river falls and do some other sightseeing. we are 6 adults and 4 children ages 4 and under. 7 hours is good for us. what will you charge for the guide and van. what kind of transportation do you provide? how long is the drive from the ship to the falls>
Rose:  This tour says 40 person....what about children under the age of two. Also, are we responsible for admission into Dunn's river and horseback riding? We will be staying in Monetgo Bay.....will he provide transportation to and from?