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Boating and Sailing tour in Nassau

Nassau Cruise Excursions

Guide: Bahamas Cruise Excursions and Tours
Type: Boating and Sailing tour in Nassau
Price: upon request
Duration: upon request
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Debbie:  We're (2) looking at travelling to the Bahamas during the first week of April 2010. We would like to know if we are able to "hire" a travel guide to take us around the island to show us how the local people live (to get up close and personal to learn what a typical day is like in the Bahamas). We are planning on renting a car so your guide would have to be able to drive the car. We did this in Maui and were so thrilled to see all the "hidden gems" that a normal tour would miss; and would love the opportunity to do something like this on your island. Please let me know what you have available and the cost; or if you don't do this then where I might be able to find someone that does. Thanks, Debbie
Carlos:  This is Carlos from Florida, US. Our son is getting married next June and since he is under 21 he can not take a cruise by himself so we're joining them in their Honeymoon Cruise to Bahamas. We'll be one day in Nassau and one day in Freeport from 8 to 5 so we'd like you to show us around both cities to discover the best of their architecture, historical and natural sites and finish each day tour with 1 hr at the most beautiful beach you can find us. We are 4 adults. can you please help us?. Thanks. Sincerely, Carlos.
Lawrence:  What would the charge be for a customized private tour on 09/01/2010 (Jan 1, 2010.) Our cruise ship comes in at 12:00 pm so we would be available at the ship's dock by 1:00 pm. The tour we would like is one for photographic opportunities of seascapes. Not interested in buildings and such. How much time would be needed for two to four scenic photo locations? What would be the cost per hour? Thank you,
JERRY:  There are 9 of us and we will arrive in Nassau on April 27th. and Freeport on the 28th. We are interested is seeing what you can create. We have two that can not do a lot of walking, so the zoo is out of the question. We would possibly like beach, umbrella, lounge chair, drink and food at some point. We are on the Carnival conquest. Love history, etc. Would love a boat tour of Harbors. Help. Jerry