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All categories of tours with private guide


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Boating and Sailing tour in Guatemala

White-water Rafting on Untamed Rivers

Guide: Aventuras Vacacionales
Type: Boating and Sailing tour in Guatemala
Price: upon request
Duration: upon request
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Excursion in Guatemala

Tikal Tours

Guide: Aventuras Vacacionales
Type: Excursion in Guatemala
Price: upon request
Duration: upon request
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Private Guides in Guatemala

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Cassandra:  Hello, We're (a couple) looking to hire a private local guide in Guatemala to take us around the country. We'll be arrving from San Ignacio, Belize into the Tikal/Flores area and leaving from Guatemala city towards El Salvador. We plan to stay 5-6 days. We need a local guide to show us around the National parks and cities that we want to visit during our stay, and help us find cheap but safe hostels. We would like a quote for the cost of the tour guides services and ground transportation (no flying) for 5 days (4 nights). More specifically we want to do Tikal national park, possibly Rio Dulce and Copan, and the Antigua, Lake Atitlan and the market and we'd like a guide to keep us from harm and danger. Thanks, Cassandra
Sasha:  May have a tour to Guatemala. Will have 1 day free time. Want to go to Tikal for a one day trip from Guatemala city. Is the price you have 400 US dollars - for person, or per trip? there will be 2 people traveling together. Not sure, the date, just give me a bulk park number The date can be in may, june or just any time, this system doesn' t allow me to send you a question without entering the date
Lynn:  We are 4 people in our 60's who plan to arrive in Guatemala City on January 7 about 2:00 and depart on January 10 about 3:00. We'd like to visit Antigua and have a brief tour of the area around Lake Atitlan or in the alternative visit the Mayan ruins if nearby Antigua. Is all of this at all possible with the limited time we have? I think it may be possible to add an extra day if necessary.
ismini:  We are 4 girls planning to visit Guatemala during end of July start of August for approximately 10 days. Could you propose a programme for us and the recommended prices? Would it be possible to combine it with a travel either in Belize for 4 days at the beach or accordingly to Costa Rica?