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Sydney Australia on a Budget

G’day mate! Get ready to plan an affordable vacation to the wonderful world of Sydney, Australia. With amazing views, beautiful weather and many things to see and do, the iconic vibe of this city makes it an incredible destination.  

Where to Stay 

First and foremost it’s important to choose which type of accommodations you would prefer. In Sydney some of the best options come in the form of self-contained apartment-style rooms. These rooms are clean, comfortable and private, they provide a cozy place to sleep at night. Luxuries that you would experience at hotels are not included which means the price is right for budget travelers. 

Manly apartments fit the bill. Close to Sydney, Manly offers beaches, a vibrant nightlife, specialty shops and attractions such as swimming, windsurfing, volleyball or weekend markets. The best advice for booking a room is to hurry up and wait! The longer you wait, the cheaper the cost of the room. Two popular booking sites in Sydney are: Wotif and Last Minute. If an apartment isn’t for you, bed and breakfasts are also an inexpensive alternative. 

Ashfield Manor is a hidden gem for budget conscious travelers. The weekly rate is less than you would pay for a day or two at a five-star hotel. With a complimentary breakfast and kitchen and BBQ areas available for preparing your own dinners, you can save on restaurant expenses too. Relax and lounge in the leafy courtyard with a cup of coffee and a book or magazine from the Ashfield Manor library. And no worries, you can check your email as Wi-Fi is included. 

Where to Play 

Sydney is loaded with free or inexpensive things to see and do. Swimming and sun bathing are two popular activities that cost nothing. Choose lodging close to attractions so you can walk and enjoy the weather without having to pay for transportation. 

Royal Botanic Gardens is an amazing place to visit and no admission fee makes it even better. Check out the spectacular flowers, plants and wildlife in Australia. Over seventy-four acres of flora and fauna awaits. Many people enjoy watching a colony of flying-foxes that lives in the park. Bird watching is also encouraged and possums are frequent visitors to the park. Check out the park schedule and attend a free guided tour. 

Royal Botanic Gardens

Circular Quay is located at a small inlet referred to as Sydney Cove. It’s the hub of Sydney Harbor and the jumping off point for harbor based attractions. Put on your walking shoes because there is no charge to walk through Circular Quay and you won’t want to miss the great views of the Harbor Bridge which is only a short distance away. 

Circular Quay

BridgeClimb Sydney is a popular activity however you’ll have to save your pennies. Climbing the Harbor Bridge will cost between $250 and $350 per person. The Harbor Bridge is the world’s tallest steel arch bridge with over 200,000 cars traveling across it daily. Pack a picnic lunch and dine under the bridge at your leisure for free. 

BridgeClimb Sydney

The Rocks is a short walk from Sydney Harbor Bridge and Circular Quay. Here you will see why it’s called The Rocks. Travel cobblestone lanes while viewing warehouses built from wood beams, crushed cockle shells and hand-carved bricks of sandstone. People watching is free of charge here and a popular activity! If you have a few dollars to spare, for around fifteen dollars you can take a guided tour of The Rocks and learn about the preserved 19th century historic landscape of the oldest neighborhood in Sydney.

The Rocks

Get Packing! 

A budget trip down under is no big deal if you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. Stick to your budget, make good choices and have amazing vacation memories to cherish for a lifetime. What are you waiting for, get packing! 

Article author: Henry DuPont
Places:Sydney (Australia)
Category:Urban Tourism

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