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Boating and Sailing tour in Buenos Aires. Argentina. South America

Boating and Sailing tour

Boating & Sailing Tours to Buenos Aires offers marine beauty at its finest. The metropolitan destination also hosts inshore and deep sea fishing for those who love to take charter tours. Boating and sailing in this country will be a gush of fresh air.

Boating and Sailing tour in Buenos Aires

Tigre delta

Guide: Natalia Canonico
Type: Boating and Sailing tour in Buenos Aires
Price: on demand
Duration: 5/6 hours
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chris:  Hi there I wonder if you can help. I am looking to hire a permanent tour guide for jungle tours for tourists at my jungle hotel. I am setting up a resort in a remote part of the jungle only accessible by boat. I would lie to offer jungle and nature tours for them as part of the holiday package. I would lie to now if you would be able to do this and do you have the expertise for the job? I am open to negotiation for the cost of your hire but it would be on a contract. The idea is to have three day excursions into the jungle looking at the wildlife and local lifestyle there. I hope that you can assist me in this venture. If you are unable to fulfill this role do you now where I should look next Kind Regards Chris
Rok:  Hi! We read recommendation about you on web and would like to see if you can offer us assistance. We (me and my son of 14) will fly to Iguazu 18th of October and return 19th. We roughly have 36 hours there, we stay at Sheraton. We would like to organise our trip as efficient as possible, include a helicopter ride, boat ride tour, evening show, whatever can be included. If personal guide there is an option we would like to elaborate this too. If you do stuff like this, please let me know. Thanks in advance and we will be more detailed (flights etc.) then. All the best
mel:  Hi there, my familie and I(4) want to come to South America in october, november, we would like to do the Amazone, Peru, Chile, maybe Brazil but then to end up near the south where we would like to do a boat trip to the artic, if it is a all possible to put something togther, focussing a lot on off beat touring, we would very much appreciate it thank you and kind regards Mel
Paulette:  We will be in Buenos Aires in February, 6 adults and 2 children. Please advise the cost for 2 children ages 6 and 8 years for the Tigre and Delta Islands tour. thank you Paulette