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Eco and Wildlife tour in Temae. Tahiti. North America

Eco and Wildlife tour

We welcome you to take part in an Eco and Wildlife Tour as to appreciate the wonders of Temae wildlife environment. Experience the fabulous scenery, the abundance of wildlife, botanically rich meadows and enchanted un-spoilt areas.

Eco and Wildlife tour in Temae

Whale Watching

Guide: Tahiti Private Expeditions
Type: Eco and Wildlife tour in Temae
Price: upon request
Duration: upon request
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Mike:  I am part of a group of about 60 people that are cruising together on Princess Cruise Lines ship, the Sea Princess. We are due to dock in Tahiti on September 29th at approx. 9 PM and we will be staying until approx. 5 PM on September 30. While we are in Tahiti, some have voiced an interest in taking a whale watching tour. Could you advise the cost per person, what the tour would include and how many people you can accomodate on your tour. Would the cost decrease significantly if we book more people? Please advise if you are available for a tour during the above listed time period and I will begin to determine how many we can book for the tour.