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Excursion in Sydney. Australia. Australia


Participate in our wonderful excursions to Sydney. Admire picturesque views, the beauty of its architecture, palaces and cathedrals. Learn about its amazing history, works of art and savor the unique flavors of traditional cuisine.

Excursion in Sydney

Blue Mountains Naturally - Grand Canyon with trees

Guide: Philip Holland - My Sydney Guide
Type: Excursion in Sydney
Price: US$150-300 per person - depending on numbers - minimum 2 people
Duration: 1 day
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Customer's Opinions
All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Sydney.
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Constance:  My friend and I are going on a cruise January 4, 2010 out of Sydney. We will be arriving in your city on December 31, 2009 and are interested taking your Blue Mountains Tour sometime before we embark on the cruise. What will the activity in the city be like one New Years Day and on Sunday, January 3rd? Will stores and restaurants be open? Would it be better to take a tour one of these days, or is that possible? We are not sure what will be open/operating on holidays and Sundays in Sydney. Thank you for your time.
Debbie:  My husband and I are coming to Australia in March and in order to make the most of our week their we would like to work with a private guide. We are looking a 3 days - a city tour, the blue mountains and the wine country. We'd like to get a flavor of as much of Australia as we can, Can you give us some suggestions. We will be in country for 6 days. Debbie
Harry:  Would like tour to the Blue Mountains on Nov 22. We will have luggage and want to be dropped off at the airport on return. Our flight departs at 09:20 PM. Do we have sufficient time for the tour and be dropped off at the airport? If yes, what are the prices for the tour. Will have 2 persons. Thanks. Harry
Rita:  We are a family of 6 young adults & teenagers. We will be in Sydney July 4 - 6 and would like to see as much as possible in this time frome. We will fly from Adelaide to Sydney on the 4th and on to New Zealand on the 6th. Please let me know if you are available and what you would suggest.