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Fishing tour in Havana. Cuba. North America

Fishing tour

An exciting way to spend your vacation is by opting for a fishing trip. Come and join us in a Fishing Tour to Havana. You are sure to have a good catch. If you feel enchanted by the beauty of the sea, you can also opt to have a swim.

Fishing tour in Havana

Fishing Trips - Tarpon, Snook & Jacks

Guide: Cuba Welcome
Type: Fishing tour in Havana
Price: 1395
Duration: 6 days/7 nights
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Kyle:  Hi, I am interested in coming to Cuba this september for a holiday. I will be staying in guardalavaca for a week and then spending a few days in havana where I plan to do a few days guided fishing. Could you advise me how much say 1 or 2 days guided fishing would cost. I'd like to have a go for a bonefish, tarpon and other salt flats fish. Cheers, Kyle