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Gourmet & Cooking tour in San Jose. Costa Rica. North America

Gourmet & Cooking tour

Experience the new flavors of San Jose finest cuisine by joining our Gourmet and Cooking Tour. Discover the secrets to prepare such great local favorites. Tasting such superb food is certainly going to make this experience unforgettable.

Gourmet & Cooking tour in San Jose

Chocolate Tour

Guide: Greenway Nature Tours
Type: Gourmet & Cooking tour in San Jose
Price: $ 80
Duration: 3 hours
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Elias:  We will be in San Jose on the 28 and 29 of December 2009. We are interested in the chocolate tour to Tirimbiri. Does it include hotel pick up and drop off? How long is the drive from Ezcazu to Tirimbiri? Do kids normally love this tour? What other tours do you reccommend? We are interested in indigenous people and their culture. We are also interested in a nightime cultural tour of folk dancing plays etc. Arts, crafts leather and wood making are also of interest. Thank you for your assistance. Elias