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Echmiadzin, Hripsime, Gayane & Zvartnots Tour

Private tour in Yerevan


    Visit the 
Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the most ancient Christian temple in Armenia, and the Holy See and official residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians. According to tradition, St Gregory the Illuminator saw a vision of the "Only Begotten" descend from heaven, and show the spot where the church should be erected. In 303 AD, two years after Christianity was declared the state Religion, the Mother Church of the Holy See was completed. It was rebuilt in the 480s. Through the centuries there have been construction and additions, and the main dome was rebuilt in 1627. The interior murals were painted by Nagash Ovnatan in 1720. The church is surrounded by gardens, were you will see examples of "khachkar"s, or stone crosses.  Excursion with private guide in Yerevan.

    You will visit the underground site of the pagan temple upon which the present cathedral stands. You will also visit the Museum, "Gandzaran", which houses exquisite church attire embroidered with gold and pearls, as well as crosses and all kinds of ritual vessels of silver, gold, ivory, adorned with filigree work and jewels, with most items dating back to the 17th through 19th centuries.

    The tour of the museum is available every day except Sunday.

St. Gayane and St. Hripsime Churches

    The St. Gayane church is built in the City of Echmiadzin, a short walk from the Cathedral. Built in 630 (according to a chronicle), they are the two oldest churches in Armenia. St. Tour in Yerevan. Hripsime is a beautiful example of Armenian architecture of the classical period.

Zvartnots Cathedral

    Visit the magnificent ruins of the Zvartnots Cathedral, which was built in the 7th century by Catholicos Nerses III. Here a mighty three-tiered circular structure once stood, with a glorious central dome. The Cathedral was magnificently decorated with sculptured floral and geometric patterns and decorative pillars and arches, the ruins and remnants of which you can see on the grounds.

    Zvartnots is considered the masterpiece of Armenian church architecture.

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