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Garni & Geghart Tour

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Garni -The only pagan temple existent in Armenia, the 2nd century pagan temple of Garni was reconstructed from ruins. This pre-Christian structure, with its classical Hellenist lines, is situated in a picturesque mountain locale, offering a breathtaking panorama of the valley below. Tour with private guide in Yerevan. The structure of the temple with its columns and dimensions was created to please the gods and protect the people from their wrath. Garni temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1679 and rebuilt during the Soviet era. The ruins include a bath-house, where you can see remnants of beautiful mosaic work.

You'll be greeted by the hospitable villagers of Garni and will visit a typical Armenian village home. Here you will have a chance to taste lavash, a bread baked in a traditional pit called a "tonir", with homemade yoghurt.

Next stop: Geghard.

Geghart -This ancient monastery was carved out of solid rock. Excursion in Yerevan. In ancient times this monastery was known as "the monastery of the seven churches", "the monastery of the forty altars" or Ayrivank (the monastery of the cave), confirming the presence of ancient caves dug into the rock. Geghartavank is the monastery of the spear. This last name derives from the relics, for many years conserved in the monastery and now in Echmiadzin's museum, of the spear that was said to have wounded the chest of Christ on the cross.

The exact date of Geghart's foundation is not known, but according to the inscriptions found locally dating from the 7th and 8th centuries, it is likely that it dates back to the early times when Christianity was recognized and declared the official state religion. The main church dates back to 1215. Inside the church's interior exists a natural spring, anciently worshipped and today carefully preserved. A visit to Geghart is truly spiritual experience.

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