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Population: 1,107,800
Language: Armenian
Currency: Dram (AMD)

Information about Yerevan


The Armenian capital city is a city of both historical religious significance and modern day political turmoil. It is also the location for marvelous theaters, museums, monuments, and spectacular photo opportunities. When planning a visit to lovely Yerevan, it is recommended to engage the professional services of a local private guide in Yerevan to steer you towards the most important attractions and enjoyable activities.

Visitors here enjoy a spiritual connection with many of the places in and around Yerevan.  The holy biblical Mt. Ararat is an especially significant location for the Christian religion, and Armenia is home to the original Christian churches. Khor Virap is a nearby church with an amazing view of Ararat, and a fantastic place for breathtaking photos. There is a magical feeling of traveling back in time as your private guide Yerevan takes you to experience such places as the medieval Monastery of Geghard.

Other notable sights in Yerevan include the Cascades, a massive staircase decorated in statues and flowers, the Garni Roman temple ruins, the Parajanov museum of collages, the Vernissage outdoor art fair, and last but not least, BBQ Street! Yerevan welcomes you with fantastic food, friendly people, fascinating history, beautiful scenery and holy ground.


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Travel Agency in Yerevan - Alo Travel Agency

(Member Since 2009) Languages: English

Travel to Armenia with Alo Travel Agency is to discover one of the earliest cultures of the world. Make a pilgrimage to the first Churches of Christianity, travel in this ancient country with a sophisticated...

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Private Guide in Yerevan - Papyan Vahe

(Member Since 2016) Languages: English and French languages

I have graduated Yerevan state linguistic university after V.Brusov. I know English, french, spanish, russian foreign languages. I am very interesting and communicative person. I welcome tourists to Armenia, represent the history and traditions of Armenia. Armenia is a wonderful place for traveliing as you can find medieval churches and cathedrals, you can visit the firs place of adoption of christianity in the world. In Armenia it was founded one of the oldest shoe which dates 5500 years old.

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Travel Agency in Yerevan - Safari Travel

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Safari Travel is a young company.Our team want to show you our amazing country - Armenia! We will show you all the most beautiful and interesting places of Nairi Land! We offer you daily excursions and multi-day tours, classic tours, hiking and eco tours, master-classes and a lot of activities!