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AzIntourist - Private Guide in Baku

Private Guide in Baku
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You can rely on the Azerbaijan tourist company "Azintourist" (former "Azertour" and VAO"Intourist") to ensure your comfortable stay in Azerbaijan. You will benefit from the atmosphere of professional servicing and Caucasian hospitality. 
    We are glad to fulfil every order to your benefit, just express your wish! We are in position to provide you with true relaxation without problems! Our target is focused on treating our clients with maximum comfort and hospitality and the best praising for us is to hear "Lucky clients!"

AzIntourist. Baku

- visits to museums and theatres
- cultural and sport entertainment
- meetings with prominent people
- sea shore relaxation
- picnics in the picturesque areas of the Republic such as Kuba, Sheki, Shemakha
- Caucasian goat hunting (within Kuba area)
- Azeri wine and cuisine testing at the Baku "Caravan-Saray" Restaurant (in the Old City)
- providing facilities and servicing for participants of international congresses, symposia and other international events as well as for tourists in transit
- currency exchange facilities
- visa issuing
- selling avia ticket to a number of destinations

     Tours round Baku

     Sightseeing tour

   Sightseeing tour includes visiting the Maiden Tower, the Philharmonic Building, monuments of prominent representatives of science, literature and also dwelling areas.

 AzIntourist. Private guide in Baku. Maiden Tower   Maiden Tower

    The Maiden Tower is a remarkable architectural monument of V-XII cc.; this is one of 2000 architectural monuments within the Absheron area. Raising to a height of 90 ft, it stands much as it did a thousand years ago. The walls are 16 ft (5 m) thick at the base and 13 ft (4 m) towards the top. Erected on a coastal rock it was built for defence purpose and was protected elsewhere on each of its 8 stages that could shelter 200 people in time of an attack.

    Old City Tour includes visiting the Shirvanshah's' Palace (XV-XVI cc.).

    This is a unique complex of buildings richly decorated by 15th -century skilful architects and craftsmen. Among them are the tomb of Seid Yahia Bakuvi, a court astronomer; Shah's family tomb; the Palace Bathhouse, discovered in 1936; Synyk-Kala Minaret, the earliest (XI c.) of the dated monuments in the Old City. The Shirvan-Shah's Palace ensemble is mentioned in all the guidebooks on the world architecture.

    Fire Worshippers' Temple (named Ateshgah ) is a historic monument of XVII c.

    It is an Indian Temple built near the natural vents of flaming gas in Surakhani area at a 25- km distance from Baku. Guide in Baku. Openings in the walls permitted a view of the eternal fire on the altar inside and other flames at the four corners of the altar roof. Its exhibition depicts the life of Indian pilgrims and proves close links between India and Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages when the merchant caravans were followed by Parsee pilgrims flocking to the "sacred flames".

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