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When the Spaniards arrived to South America to conquer the central Andes they first met the Incas and believed that everything was Inca, originating a confusion that still nowadays goes on. Most people - even locals -, think that all the ruins, archaeological sites and stone paved trails were built by the Incas. The truth is that there were several other cultures that dominated different regions of the Andean high lands and the Amazonian territories and for centuries (actually more than two millennium) before the Incas, an amazing extended network of trails and roads were built. The Incas took advantage of that network, improved and rebuilt some sections, and reorganize the whole network according to their own administrative system.
  Unfortunately, a lot of them have been destroyed during colonial times when the Spaniards took out the stones to allow their horses to use the trails build for people or Llamas. Today, thanks to the development of the countries and the consequent road building, most of them have been abandoned or even destroyed completely.
  But not all are bad news. Today, there are still thousands of kilometres of trails almost intact and showing the original civil engineering work. Actually, it is almost impossible not to step on them when hiking in the Andes. In remote areas of the country, locals do still use these trails regularly to transport their products almost all year around and these are the trails we follow on our treks.
Besides the old pre-Hispanic trails, mining and agricultural activity have helped to create even more trails along the mountain ranges and across the Andes and down into the Amazon basin.

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