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Andean Summits - Private Guide in La Paz

Private Guide in La Paz
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Andean Summits

  For many years the best choice to travel abroad was to hire an operator established in your own country.

  The main reason for that is the confidence you have in people like your own, Additionally that, it is easier to complain and probably ask your money back from companies that are under the same country laws rather than try to get honest response from some unknown guys from a third world country.

  To give you more confidence in us, let us tell you that for mountaineering trips we only work with Mountain Guides who have received the credential from the highest worldwide certification: the International Mountain Guides Association (IMGA, UIAGM, IVBV). We are very proud that since last year, the Mountain Guides of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina have become part of this international Association.

  Some companies of your country do not hire local operators. They have enough contacts with drivers and porters to do it themselves. So, often times they will operate the trips quite successfully but besides accomplishing the programmed mountaineering or trekking goals, they will never give you what is really important travelling abroad: learning about the country's culture, life, food and having direct contact with the local people. Instead you will just see the surface as the foreign guides do not have a deep knowledge of Bolivia (and we sincerely doubt they will ever have).

  Bolivia have recently experienced a surge in Adventure Travel. There are dozens if not hundreds of new agencies popping up everywhere in the country. As the tourist population arises, problems grow and more unattended complaints have been reported to the "Tourism Police". While the prices spiral down and casualties grow in numbers, we have maintained our professional level of service as we have done since 1992. In this industry you really "get what you pay for". It is not worth to gamble with your safety by settling for the lowest price. Not to mention, it won't be as fun.

We are professionals, and we do not just operate tours because of the business; we do it because we love nature, the adventure and are proud of our job. We can guarantee, without any doubt, that you will not be able to find a better adventure service in the area, not only because of the good standard of our services, but also because of the experience and knowledge you will get from our guides.

  Andean Summits is a company managed and operated since 1992 by people who love nature.
That is probably the main difference between Andean Summits and most local operators. We started going into the wild as teenagers and since then the call from the wilderness has not diminished, just deepend and mature.
  Our main objective is to give our clients the best and deepest insight of the places and people we have known since our childhood. We want you to have a lifetime experience not just a sightseeing trip.
  For many years we have been known for being the best mountaineering service in the region. We still are, but now we offer a wider variety of trips and in several countries of South America. The early mountaineering years have shaped our spirit and defined our style. That is why safety is our main concern. As we operate in isolated areas, we do not take any risks and always play it safe. All of our staff and not only guides take part of the training on safety matters.

  As we do not like crowds, and we know most of our clients don't either, we usually operate off the beaten path. Every year we look for new destinations and design new itineraries exploring different tracks and roads to get there. This do not mean that we do not travel to some destinations that have become very well known and are worth the visit.

  Our style of travelling is based in our idea of what a trip should be like. We know that a trek, a mountain climb or a bike ride can be done easily in your own countries or perhaps in more adequate locations (lower altitudes). So what we really offer is what we call an "integrated experience". That means that while you do the activity you enjoy the most, you will have a first hand and deep experience with a local culture. Our guides will not only lead you along the Inca Trails, through the jungle or across the glaciers; they will take you on a trip inside the local life. You will learn about the history, the culture, the politics, the daily life and to top it all you will have a taste of the local cuisine.