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Population: 11,459
Language: Croatian
Currency: Kuna (HRK)

Information about Hvar

This lovely island in the Adriatic boasts freshwater springs and fertile hillsides covered in vineyards, pine forests, olive groves and lavender fields. Hvar is centrally located in the Adriatic for a thriving sailing trade throughout the Mediterranean, and has been inhabited since pre-historic times. With a current population of just over 11,000 it is the 4th largest Croatian city. 

The prosperity of the island is primarily focused on its tourism, with outstanding hotels, restaurants, marinas, museums and galleries and a mild climate welcoming visitors throughout the year. In fact, Conde Nast  Traveler magazine lists Hvar as one of the top ten island vacation destinations.

Adventures abound, including cliff jumping and underwater diving excursions. Sunny beaches and calm blue waters welcome explorations to the nearby Pakleni Islands or picturesque Dubovica Bay by ferry or catamaran, while many visitors enjoy discovering the Hvar Fortress. Other notable attractions include the Franciscan Monastery, and Tvrdalj Castle.

Private Guide in Hvar

Private Guide in Hvar - Sinisa Matkovich

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Hvar Languages: English, Italian, Croatian

Greetings from Sinisa Matkivich. Hvar is where I was born and brought up by my wonderful parents. I have been working in the tourism and hotel industry for more than 15 years, and I have a great amount of experience and knowledge to share with you. At a certain point of time I decided to start my own business, and this is how my travel agency appeared. It is called Secret Hvar, because I firmly believe that the island of Hvar contains millions of secrets, which we are eager to reveal for you.