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Private guide in Riobamba, guided tours in Riobamba, Ecuador

Private guides in Riobamba


Population: 13,000
Language: Spanish
Currency: US dollar (USD)

Information about Riobamba

Airport - Airport Chimborazo In Riobamba(SERB)- 5 km (3.3 miles) from city.
Shopping - On Saturdays there is a small artesan market. It seems to be mainly aimed at locals rather than tourists, and is certainly more authentic than Otavalo. Between Pinchincha street and Espana you can find the best boutiques for people of any age. Or if you like malls, check out El Mall Del Centro locate on Leon Borjaand la circumbalacion by La Plaza de Toros

  • Abraspungo Hostelry - Via Riobamba a Guano, Km 3.5, +593 3 294 4299
  • El Troje Hostelry - Km 4 via Riobamba - Chambo, +593 3 296 0826
  • La Andaluza hotel - Chuquipogyo Panamerica Norte Km 14,
  • Los Shyris - Angel Leon 23-10,

  • Chifa Pekin.- Av. Daniel L. Borja and Brasil. +940712
  • Chifa Joy Sing.- Guayaquil 29-27 and Carabobo. +961285
  • Parrillada de Fausto.- Uruguay 20-38 and Av. Daniel L. Borja. +767876
  • Luigi's.- Av. Daniel L. Borja and Brasil. +962397
  • Cabana Montecarlo.- Garcia Moreno 21-40. +968609
  • La Pizzeria de Paolo.- Av. Daniel L. Borja corner Epiclachima. +949781
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