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Information about Cebu

Cebu is an island province in the Philippines.  The climate is tropical with only two seasons: dry and wet.  The north area gets more rain; however, the weather is usually mostly sunny and dry.  The Sinulog Festival is the largest fiesta in the region.  It takes place annually on the third Sunday of January and lasts for nine days. 

The Sinulog festival remembers the Filipino people's pagan ancestries and their embracement of and transformation to Christianity.  One of the central highpoints of the festival is the enormous street parade that goes on from 9 to 12 hours with partakers coming from various towns and cities spread across the Philippines. The Sinulog dancers are fashioned in brightly colored costumes and dance beautifully to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs.  This festival is a very popular event and draws in an enormous number of people.  There are plenty of splendid beaches where tourists are able to enjoy themselves by swimming or simply relaxing on the sand. 

The over 3,300 feet high mountains add to Cebu’s scenic view.  A terrific point of interest is the Magellan Shrine.  This magnificent shrine is a huge memorial pylon that was established in 1866 in order to pay tribute to the famous Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan.  The Cebo Taoist Temple is exquisite in appearance and is a temple where a person prays to the gods to grant his or her wish.  Fort San Pedro.  With its diverse activities, Cebu is a fabulous destination to visit.  

Private Guide in Cebu

Private Guide in Cebu - Primie Barcelona Anuengo

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I am Primie. I'd be happy to organize and guide your city or island tours. From mountains to the seas, there is more to discover when in the Philippines. Of course, you don't want to miss experiencing the "Cloud 9" waves in Siargao, the magnificent Boracay, the enchanted Palawan, the smiles from Cebu, the eco-diversity in Davao and much more amazing local destinations. There are terrific local restaurants to dine with, fun night escapades at the pubs, souvenir shops, parks, and malls.