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Baia Mare

Language: Romanian
Currency: Leu (RON)

Information about Baia Mare

Located in northwestern Romania near the Gutâi and Igniş Mountains, the city of Baia Mare is about 600km from the capital city, Bucharest. Because the city is protected by hills and mountains its climate is milder than in the surrounding region. Summers are mild and so are winters for the most part, except for occasional abrupt drops in temperature.

Baia Mare is famous for its incredible landscape and the beautiful scenery of the nearby Carpathian Mountains. It’s also very close to the most difficult ski slopes in northern Romania on Mogosa Mountain. Rodnei Mountains National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere, famous for its diverse flora and fauna. Visitors to the region also enjoy seeing the famous wooden churches, as well as Elisabeth House, the Black Eagle Inn, and Butcher’s Tower (The Ammunition  Tower), which is the last standing tower of the original seven that were part of medieval Baia Mare’s defense walls.

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