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Population: 593,604
Language: Russian
Currency: Russian ruble (RUB)

Information about Irkutsk

Airport - Irkutsk Airport(IATA: IKT, ICAO: UIII). The airport is located fairly close to the city center and buses, trams, and minibuses run frequently between the airport and Kirov Square and other points in the historical center. Irkutsk can be reached from either of the two major airports in Moscow, Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo 1. Rossiya Airlines also flies directly to Irkutsk from St. Petersburg. Most travelers arrive in Irkutsk by the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Shopping - Wood carvings, birchwood boxes, and lacquer boxes are typical souvenirs of Siberia. A few hotels have souvenir stalls in the lobby, and the Regional Museum at Ul. Karla Marksa 2 has a decent selection in their gift shop as well. Kamusi are winter boots used by native Siberians made out of deer, elk, or other fur. One place to buy is at a small shop across from the bus station at Ul. Oktyabrskoi Revolyutsii 20B called "Aikhal". It is in a courtyard behind some kiosks, so it takes some searching. They have kamusi for men, women, and children.

  • Jack Sheremetoff's Central Hostel - Ul. Lenina, #9 ap 11, Irkutsk, +7 (3952) 336 240
  • Agat Hotel - 5th Armii St., 12, Irkutsk, 297-325
  • Angara Hotel - Sukhe-Batora St., 7, Irkutsk, (3952) 255-105
  • Arena Hotel - Sverdlova st., #29, Irkutsk, (3952) 33-46-63
  • Baikal Business Center Hotel - Baikalskaya St., 279, Irkutsk, (3952) 35-80-00

  • Kioto - Karla Marksa St., 15a, Irkutsk, 55-05-05
  • Havana Cafe - Sukhe-Batora St., 18, Irkutsk, (3952) 33-43-84
  • Maradona Sport Cafe - Kievskaya St., 1, Irkutsk, (3952) 240-750
  • Picasso - ul. Karla Marksa 39, Irkutsk, 20-18-70
  • Christina - Shiryamova street, 13, Irkutsk, +7(3952) 26-62-24
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