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Population: 1,600,000
Language: Serbian
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Belgrade

With so many fantastic happenings and sites, Belgrade is a dynamic place for a wonderful vacation.  Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and it has a humid, subtropical climate with four seasons and precipitation throughout the whole year. 

Many cultural events are held each year that are varied and offer something to a wide spectrum of guests.  Examples of these activities are the Book Fair, Beer Fest, Theatrical Festival, and FEST.  FEST is an annual film festival that is highly interesting especially to those tourists who are fans of movies.  Visitors may browse the Museum of Contemporary Art.  This was Europe’s first contemporary art museum.  Another popular museum is the Military Museum which dates back to the Roman era and contains more than 3,000 antique as well as contemporary items. Various types of exhibits show the usage and historical background of the museum's collection. An extremely renowned point of interest is the National Museum. 

This museum houses an excess of 400,000 displays, encompassing historic, archeological, artifacts, a collection of old and rare books artworks, works of applied art, and an astonishing record of documents. This museum is organized in collections separated predominantly on chronologically as well as by category of relics.  Belgrade has is a fantastic foreign cultural center that draws in a tremendous amount of visitors.   There are an abundance of quaint cafes, high-quality restaurants with mouth-watering dishes, alluring shops, gorgeous beaches, and lively nightlife.  The vast diversity of activities certainly causes Belgrade to be an impressive travel destination.

Private Guide in Belgrade

Private Guide in Belgrade - Marko

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Arandjelovac, Golubac, Despotovac, Smederevo, Vrsac, Valjevo, Brza Palanka Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian

We offer various guided tours for individuals interested in learning something new and exciting about Serbia which will help you get acquainted with Serbian history, unique culture, national food and wine tastings and meet with Serbian way of life. All of our tours are quite flexible, so we can exclude some places and add others according to your desires.

Private Guide in Belgrade

Private Guide in Belgrade - Uros Miletic

(Member Since 2014) Languages: English (Fluent), Greek (Basic), German (Basic)

Hello everyone, I'm Uros. I was born, I live and work in Belgrade. By profession I am a professional firefighter (and in my spare time music songwriter). I want to share with you the magic of Belgrade (which is really a lot).

Private Guide in Belgrade

Private Guide in Belgrade - Andrija Andjelkovic

(Member Since 2017) Languages: Serbian, English, Russian(basic)

Welcome travellers, globetrotters, companies, tour operators, friends and sudden guests! If You are reading this, You must be planning a trip to Serbia. I'm here to welcome, help with transport and accommodation, organise tours and sightseeing, meals and coffee breaks, for You or Your clients in Serbia and surrounding countries.

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