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Language: Slovak
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Zilina

Zilina is a small city, located in the north-western part of Slovakia. It is not far from the capital, which makes it a popular and convenient destination for tourists; besides that it is close to both the Polish and Czech borders.

Zilina is one of the oldest cities of Slovakia, famous for breath-taking architecture, picturesque views, and its astonishingly harmonious atmosphere. These are the main landmarks of the city with a seven-century-long history. There’s a wide choice of restaurants, cafes and confectionaries in Zilina. Local cuisine is varied too – it is made up of Slovakian, European and Eastern cuisines. Take note of the restaurant called “XIV” – you’ll definitely enjoy its unique interior design. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes from the local cuisine and mellow wines. If you are fond of Italian cuisine, drop in the Caroina pizzeria.

Among others Zilina is also favoured by hikers, seeing as this city has lots of picturesque places off the beaten path. For example, Terchova-Vratna valley has lots of opportunities for hiking. One of the most beautiful and popular trails leads through Janosikove Diery. You will be thrilled at the sight of picturesque water-falls and old trees in the forest. 

Private Guide in Zilina

Private Guide in Zilina - Michal Pohancenik

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For many, finding a place to vacation is about relaxation and comfort. Discovering new places around the world where you learn about cultures from people who are open and welcoming can make your vacation the best in a lifetime. Slovakia is one such placeórural mountains, old-world architecture, and glorious vistas make this small European country an ideal vacation spot.

Questions about Zilina
I need a translator with an auto to help with family genealogy in Turzovka. Using Zilina as a base, could you drive me and my wife to Turzovka and provide transaction services to search church records, graveyards, and contact potential relatives living in the area? Please advise ...
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