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Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Almeria

Almeria is a marvelous Spanish city, situated in Andalusia and it has a unique geographical position which determined not only its traditions and way of life, but also its climate. It is the only European city with a desert arid climate with its sizzling spell of weather and 320 sunny days per year.

The Almeria’s history, architecture and traditions were influenced by two contradictory civilizations – Hispanic and Arabic. The history of the city began in 955, it was founded as a West Mediterranean strategic port, in the same period of time began the construction of the biggest fortress ever built by Arabs on the territory of Spain - Alcazaba citadel.  

Another famous architectural landmark is the city’s Cathedral that was first built as a Muslim mosque, afterwards it was transformed into a fortress where people sheltered from the Barbarian pirates. The cathedral was seriously damaged during an earthquake and it was reconstructed in the Renaissance style, there are other beautiful churches in the city, such as Saint Santiago and Saint Paul’s churches. Other attractions of the city are Chancas - rock shelters, used for hiding from enemies.  

Wonderful parks and gardens are popular among both, local and tourists.

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