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Population: 765,000
Language: Sweden
Currency: Sweden krone

Information about Stockholm

The capital city of Sweden is also the country’s most populated city with 22% of the country’s entire population living in Stockholm’s metropolitan area. Stockholm is also a very ancient city that was founded in 1187 and has become known as the Venice of the North because of its location on 14 different islands and the waterways that connect all of the various districts. Stockholm is now a global city that is known for its beautiful architecture, its clean water and many nature parks.

The weather is relatively mild but daylight hours vary greatly from summer to winter because of its northern latitude, with 18 daylight hours in midsummer and only 6 hours of daylight in winter.

Some of the most enjoyable attractions of Stockholm include the Gamla Stan, the preserved historic district that features the City Hall and the Royal Palace of His Majesty the King of Sweden. The Vasa Museum and the Skansen Open-Air Museum are very popular places for tourists in Stockholm, as is the Fotografiska, one of the world’s largest contemporary photo galleries.

Sightseeing from the water is a pleasant experience, and no one can miss seeing the incredible view from the top of the world’s largest sphere-shaped building, the Ericsson Globe.

Private Guide in Stockholm

Private Guide in Stockholm - Angus Carlsson

(Member Since 2016) Languages: English, Swedish.

My name is Angus Carlsson. I am a local of the Stockholm County and a passionate history guide. I specialize in the Vikings but have a general interest in all of Swedish history.

Private Guide in Stockholm

Private Guide in Stockholm - Sofia Lindh

(Member Since 2011) Languages: English, Swedish, Italian

Stockholm is an incredible place to visit with many enjoyable attractions and pleasant activities. You can see the best of the city by allowing a knowledgeable local guide such as Sofia Lindh to take you on a private guided tour of Stockholm. Your guide will gladly design a tour to suit your particular wishes, including the types of places you want to visit and the means you’d prefer for travel, whether by car, boat or even bicycle.

Private Guide in Stockholm

Private Guide in Stockholm - Veronica Melosso

(Member Since 2011) Languages: Swedish, English, Italian

I am an experienced tour guide with a great passion for my job. I started working in 2002 and have since then been taking care of all kinds of groups; from small families to delegations on study visits. I do everything from theme excursions for people with special interests such as art or architecture, to uncomplicated feel-good tours.