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Private guide in Luhansk, guided tours in Luhansk, Ukraine

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Language: Ukrainian
Currency: Grivna

Information about Luhansk

The administrative center of Luhansk Oblast in Ukraine is Luhansk. The Lugan River runs by the city where it meets the Olkhovaya River. Local industry is engineering and huge diesel-locomotive works. Cold-mining equipment, motor vehicle parts and precision instruments are also manufactured in the city.

At the Local History Museum you can view exhibits devoted to the history of the area from ancient times to present day. At Tanks Mark-5 you can see two unique British tanks. During the Civil War the tanks were used supporting the troops of Denikin. At the Museum of City History you can learn about the development of the city in the 19th century. At Stone Statues Park you can see one of the largest collections of stone statues of the 11th and 12th centuries in Ukraine.


For the ultimate stay in Luhansk book at room at the Hotel Druzhba Plus. From this uniquely designed hotel you will see panoramic views of the city and you will be near sights such as the Drama Theater and the Puppet Theatre. At the restaurant Kameya, you can try Slavonic and European cuisine. A themed restaurant in town is the Unga. Here you enter a pirate schooner and can image you are taking a cruise along the Mediterranean. 

Private Guide in Luhansk

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