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Cape Cod
United States

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Information about Cape Cod

While being a relatively small peninsula in the Northeastern part of the United States with a population slightly above 220,000, Cape Cod is a major tourist attraction and a preferred place of summer visits for beachgoers from all over the country. With more than 900km of coastline covered with perfect sand beaches, this peninsula, which is technically an island due to the presence of an artificial canal, which separates it from the mainland, is a great place to visit if you are fond of spending your time at the beach or enjoying all types of water sports.

The natural beauty of this part of New England is more than enough to attract tourists nearly all year around, but it has much more than that to offer.

Cape Cod is known as a popular place for artists, with many writers and painters spending their time in different small towns located on the peninsula, creating different works of art that are displayed in numerous museums that can be found all over the place. The locals are also known for their openness and tolerance towards gay and lesbian couples, so it's known as one of the most popular summer resorts for gay tourists.

Cape Cod is located near a major migration route for different types of whales, so you can easily find a boat tour with guaranteed whale sightings, which is quite a popular attraction here. It's certainly one of the most laid-back and pleasant resorts in the United States and there's a good reason to make it your destination if you want to enjoy great beaches, various activities and a calm vacation on the Atlantic coast.

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Travel Agency in Cape Cod - Cape Cod Scenic Tours

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Cape Cod Scenic Tours, based in the mid Cape, specializing in sightseeing tours throughout Cape Cod. Our sightseeing tours are fun filled and leave each visitor with great memories of Cape Cod. Cindy Ladd founded Cape Cod Scenic Tours with a vision of showing those visiting Cape Cod the most unique and scenic areas of this beautiful island. Each sightseeing tour will share some history and provide outdoor fun for all guests.

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