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Colorado Springs
United States

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Information about Colorado Springs

Located just near the Rocky Mountains, the city of Colorado Springs is a major tourist destination situation right in the center of the United States. Being a relatively large city with an arid yet relatively warm climate, it is a rather dynamic settlement, second largest in the state of Colorado.

However, despite being a large economic, financial, agricultural, industrial and cultural center within the area, one of the main reasons why people come to Colorado Springs, is of course the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, with the Pikes Peak overlooking the city and visible from virtually any point in it. So if you love mountains and want to enjoy some of the most spectacular landscapes in the central part of the USA, this is definitely a destination for you.

One of the must-see locations in Colorado Springs is certainly the Garden of the Gods, a recreational park included to the list of National Natural Landmarks. Its trademark sandstone rock formations with the Rocky Mountains in the background are the perfect setting of numerous cultural and recreational events that are held here all year round. But it's just one of the many beautiful natural and cultural attractions Colorado Springs has to offer.

So if you want your vacation to be calm, interesting and set in a gorgeous mountainous landscape, Colorado Springs is definitely the place to go.

Private Guide in Colorado Springs

Private Guide in Colorado Springs - Natallia Fodemski

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