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Private tour in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia. Africa

Private tour

Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Addis Ababa. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private tour in Addis Ababa

The Grand Tour to admire Abyssinia endemic birds

Guide: Dawit Solomon
Type: Private tour in Addis Ababa
Price: 1600 USD/pax
Duration: 10 Days
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Customer's Opinions

Private Guides in Addis Ababa

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Addis Ababa.
Let them make your dream vacation a reality.
Chloe:  Hi I have to travel to Ethiopia on or around the 6th of March. My husband and I will be based in Addis Ababa and I will be doing 3 days work with the British Embassy and the EU. We would then like to go on a wildlife Safari for 3, 4 or 5 days from Addis to maybe Awash. We would need reasonable comfortable hotels as I am disabled. We need to be back in the UK by about the 18th of March. I am looking for a private tailormade ground tour without flights starting and ending in Addis. Could you help us please regards
Julie:  We are 4-6 persons who would like to visit Ethiopia in January 2011 including attending the Timkat festival in Lalibella. We would like to visit both north and south (tribes) in your country and we enjoy history, cultural events and scenery. We prefer 3*-4* hotels and travel by 4 x 4 or domestic flight (if the route is too long or not interesting). We have about 2.5 weeks time for our trip. Please let us know how we can arrange such a trip and the price, all inclusive.
Donald:  I want to take a custom private full day city tour of Addis Ababa on 14 January 2011. I want to be picked up at my hotel in downtown Addis Ababa (probably the Hilton) at 8AM. I want to be dropped off at the ADD airport in plenty of time to catch my Emirates flight 174 which leaves at 19:35. I always like to arrive at the airport very early, maybe at 16:35. Please provide price and approximate itinerary. Thank you.
Ruth:  We are headed for South Africa but misconnect in Addis. We would like to be met at the airport, and taken for a whirlwind tour around the city. Perhaps stopping at the huge open market for a good visit, and a look around though not only churches and museums. Then we will need to be dropped off at a hotel (chosen by Ethiopian airways. There are 6 of us. What would you charge please?