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Private tour in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania. Africa

Private tour

Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Dar es Salaam. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private tour in Dar es Salaam


Guide: Aloys E Malekela
Type: Private tour in Dar es Salaam
Price: €200
Duration: 6-9 hours
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Customer's Opinions

Private Guides in Dar es Salaam

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Dar es Salaam.
Let them make your dream vacation a reality.
Heike:  We are a Christian familiy with 4 children from Germany. We would like to show our children the South of Tansania. Itīs a big dream! We would like to have somebody who travell with us and show us the beautiful nature and culture. We decided to start in Dar Es Salaam, to Mikumi Nationalpark, Ifakara (where we have a pastor friend), Udzwungwa Moutains Nationalpark, Iringa Makamboka, Hanga (monestry), Songea and back perhaps the costal way. We have 18 days for this journey. It would be god, if our guide believes in Jesus too, because we would like to stay a few days in a parish, visit the service and go to the monestry. The problem is, that we need somebody, who has a big car and a very, very good price, because itīs hard to manage for our quite big family. We canīt pay 100 USD for a day... If you know somebody (or you would like to do this) who will pick us up in Dar Es Salaam on the 9.8. in the evening we would be happy. Perhaps you can help us?! Best greetings Oliver and Heike.
Julia:  Hello! Can you organize for me tour by Tanzania from the end of December (approx 25 December) length approx 25 days ? I am interested in 10-15 days in the Ngorongoro conservation area, 2-3 days where you are guaranteed to watch hippos, and places where a lot of animals at this time of year. A private tour. Mix camping and lodges.
Galina:  Hi, my name is Galina My husband and I will be in Moshi on begining of Feb. We would like you help us with organazing our trip in Africa. We are planing to clime Kilimanjaro, trip to Safary, baloon, Zanzibar. If you interesting about this, please send to us message. Thank you, Galina