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Private tour in Havana. Cuba. North America

Private tour

Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Havana. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private tour in Havana

Round Cuba in a week

Guide: Frank Ferrer
Type: Private tour in Havana
Price: 25 a day
Duration: 8 days
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Private tour in Havana

Custom Cuba tour

Guide: Cuba Education Tours
Type: Private tour in Havana
Price: upon request
Duration: upon request
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All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Havana.
Let them make your dream vacation a reality.
amy:  Hello, Trip Jan 25th stay in varadero stay at Paradisus princesa resort until Jan. 29th what if this company pick us up at varadero and start tour with this part Pick up at hotel and transfer to the point where the tour in the 4x4s begin. Each jeep, holding four people, needs a licensed driver to handle. Drive through the Cuban countryside stopping at farmhouses, sugar cane fields and small villages. Stop at various places along the way to appreciate the natural environment.15 minutes tour of the city of Matanzas. Arrive at the Canimar River. One travel of 12 kms down the river is done in caravan style in rubber boats finishing at a place called “La Arboleda” the restaurant where lunch will be served. Leisure time with horseback riding optional, rowing a boat upstream to visit the remains of and old French coffee plantation or an old sugar warehouse, relaxing in hammocks or swimming in the clear water spring nearby. On the way to Varadero visit the Saturno cave, where you may bath in a natural pool inside the cave. Jan. 29th to Feb. 2nd transfer to Havana Nacional hotel list of stuff we could do. panoramic tour bass, dance lessons, live music in Cafe Mi habana( or something like that), troicana cabaret, tobaco & rum tour, san carlos de la cabana fortress +9pm show, havana harbour, old town tour... put that in ordrer they think will work or they may add somethig elsa they think is worth it seeing. We will need pick up at airport in havana on Jan. 25th flight arrives at 5:20pm thanks
anders:  Hi ! We are two couples (may be three) that are making a trip together every year together(last year South Africa) Now we are discussing next years trip - I´m proposing Cuba others another country. We are all Swedish but we all live in France. We have all lived and worked abroad and we have all through the years travelled intensively all over the world - but we are very informal and easy going. If we go to Cuba (probably in Feb 2010) we normally have a private guide at our disposal the whole time during the stay(around 10 day´s) Questions - how many day´s do You think we should stay in Havana? - what other places do You think we should visit? How far are they and how long will it take to get there ? - transportation on the island. We know that there are a reliable bus company - but how do we then arrange local transportation for 2 or 3 couples + guide ? or should we rent a van/minibus ? (we don´t want to drive ourselves) - there are of course some "must seen" for tourists - but we are also very interested in getting to know the cubans Cuba - what do propose ? - what do You charge for 10 days private guiding ? and even if we don´t need You all the time You should be at our disposal also in the evenings. - You must be fluent in english Kind Regards Anders
Sean:  I am a personal trainer based in London and am contacting you in connection with trip involving doing some boxing training at the Rafael Trejo Gym in Havana and as well as cultural excursions I am planning for my clients this coming December. I am unsure of numbers at this point, but anticipate between 5 and 10 guys of varying skill, experience and fitness. Arranging the boxing coaching is my priority as this is the reason for the trip, so I am very keen to find out information from you. Firstly, is it possible to book private training with the top trainers at the gym during the week 1st - 5th December? We would be looking to train for 1 - 2 hours each day. If so, what would be the cost of this training? And the cost of your translation services? Is it possible to arrange this through you? I would be hugely grateful if you could respond asap as I am looking to book flights in the next few days. Many thanks for your assistance, I look forward to hearing from you.
Tony:  I want to visit Cuba as a tourist with my wife, sone and daughter in law and 2 granddaughters (16 and 14). I used to have friends in Havana from doing business there for many years, but cannot find their addresses at the moment. We want to visit from December 18 (leaving Amsterdam) to December 29. A couple of days beach in Varadero, a couple of days Havana, and some travel to other places of interest in West Cuba, then a last day ior two in Varadero before flying back to Holland. Rent a minivan, to move from Varadero and back, with driver if possible. Are you still in the tourist business and available to plan a trip with us, make sure the car wil be vailable, book hotels and for some places casa particular? I know December is peak period in Cuba, and therefore I am looking for a reliable contact/guide local before booking flights etc. Hope to her from you, or any suggetions you may have. Kind regards,