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Railway trip in Palma de Majorca. Spain. Europe

Railway trip

Let us take you to a Railway Trip to a unique destination in Palma de Majorca. Explore its intense charming beauty, renowned historical sites, and exquisite cuisine. The line passes through the major junction of this city’s panoramic sites.

Railway trip in Palma de Majorca

Palma highlights, the train & Valldemossa

Guide: Miguel Corral
Type: Railway trip in Palma de Majorca
Price: upon request
Duration: 5 hours
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Customer's Opinions

Private Guides in Palma de Majorca

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Catherine:  I will be arriving in Palma on Saturday, 8th October, 2011, on the cruise ship the Norwegian Epic. We are scheduled to arrive at 6:00 a.m. There will be two of us, and we may not be able to leave the ship until 7:00 or later. We are interested in seeing some of the highlights in Palma, and going to Valldemossa, and seeing the monastary where Chopin and George Sands stayed. We are not necessarily interested in taking the train, so that we can have more time. Could you let us know if you would be available to provide this tour, and what your charge would be?
Glenda:  We are scheduled to be in Palma from 7:00 to 2:00 on April 6, 2010. We are currently a party of two. What would you suggest for an itinerary? We would like to include a walking tour of Palma, and train to/or from Soller but not sure if there is time. Please let us know if you are available that day and quote your best price for a tour for that day. We might possibly increase in size to a party of four. The tour at the top of the page is listed as five hours, would this itinerary be possible for our day? Thank you so much,