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Walking tour in Palma de Majorca. Spain. Europe

Walking tour

We offer you a Walking Tour in Palma de Majorca, a true gem of beauty. Our expert guides will help you explore this splendid, fabled city renowned for its distinctive characteristics. You’re sure to extend your insight in art, history and culture.

Walking tour in Palma de Majorca

Palma Cathedral and the Old City of Majorca

Guide: Miguel Corral
Type: Walking tour in Palma de Majorca
Price: 200€ per group only guiding services
Duration: 3 hours
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Private Guides in Palma de Majorca

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Palma de Majorca.
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Beatrice:  Dear guide in Palma de Majorca, I have two groups coming to Palma de Mallorca who are interested in having a private guided tour. The one on February, 05 the other on February. 5th group is international - English speaking (12 Persons) 7th group is German speaking - if a German speaking guide could be booked, it is welcomes, if not please in English. (11 persons - is the one more a problem?!- we made it in Barcelona with one guide for this group and it was good! ) Starting time for both is the around 5/5:30 PM. They are staying at the TRES Hotel. Do you have vacancies free? If you do, may I kindly ask you to send me an offer?