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Population: 1,605,602
Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Barcelona


Barcelona lies in the northeast of Iberian Peninsula, on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital city of Catalonia and second biggest city of Spain, also it is the major Mediterranean port. Barcelona is wide known as the city of arts, but it is probably the most important industrial and commercial hub of Spain.  

Here magnificently combine ancient buildings, palaces, cathedrals and modern constructions, and the wide streets are hidden in the shadows of plane trees and exotic palms. Barcelona is considered the most beautiful and unique city in the world.  The modern look of the city is the result of Antonio Gaudi’s architectural projects, whose works are faultlessly recognized all over the world and became landmarks of this wonderful city.

The jewel of his work is the Holy Family cathedral which was founded in 1882 but it is still under construction according to the sketches of the famous architect.  Another beautiful architectural landmark of the city is Gothic Barcelona Cathedral that was built in the 13th century. Gothic architectural style is dominating the entire city, there is even a ancient Gothic neighborhood, situated between the port and the famous La Rambla boulevard. 


Private Guide in Barcelona

Private Guide in Barcelona - Gregorio Arribas

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I came to Barcelona from the countryside when I was 6 years old, now I am 54 so one could say I have lived most of my live here. I already knew most of the little corners, quiet squares, interesting bars and great views of this city before becoming a licensed tour guide, but when I went deeper in the knowledge of this city I started to put everything in context and perspective and then I really felt I became an expert in the city, of course the passion for knowing, reading and discovering about the city in its different ages has helped a lot.

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Private Guide  in Barcelona
Gregorio Arribas Barcelona, Spain

As a grown up family of six we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Gregorio Arribas and found him extremely friendly. Gregorio's English was perfect and he is a very engaging man, everything he told us was to the point and fascinating! He knows Barcelona inside out and could give us information on anything that we asked about. We will definitely get another tour from him again when we return, we want him to show us the Sagrada Familia when it is finished! The only negative is that we couldn't spend more time with him! The Krieger family" Thank you very much, Gregorio