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Private Guide in Portugal

Carla Carita. Lisbon. Portugal

Carla Carita
Private Guide in Lisbon

Carla is a genuine portuguese, national official tour guide. Despite of beeing based in Lisbon area, she will gladly go beyond her area to help you to explore the castles. Read more

Latest Tourist Opinion about Travel to Finland:

Private Guide  in Europe
Jussi Helsinki, Finland

We had a wonderful time with Jussi during our one-day visit to Helsinki. He looked after each one of our group (ranging in age from 11 to 76). He picked us up from the cruise terminal in his comfortable van, had a printed itinerary ready for each of us, and did a great job keeping to the schedule without rushing us. While he drove he explained the history and geography of Finland, and gave us many interesting facts about life in Finland. We now know there are almost as many saunas in Finland as there are Finns! We mainly wanted to visit Ainola, and Jussi suggested we stop at Porvoo as well ...

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