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Population: 461,496
Language: French
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Antwerp


Antwerp is the largest municipality of both the province of Flanders and the entire country of Belgium. Situated on the Scheldt River and linked to North Sea, Antwerp is one of the largest seaports in Europe.

Although sunniest in the spring and fall, the weather in Antwerp is usually mild throughout the year. Visitors enjoy sampling some of the local specialties such as amber beer and their trademark biscuits, “Antwerp Hands.” Antwerp is also home to one of Europe’s leading fashion academies, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 

The architecture of Antwerp is well worth the visit, with notable landmarks such as the 16th century Guildhouses at the Grote Market, St. James Church, the Cathedral of Our Lady, Het Steen Castle and the Statue of Babo. The Diamond Museum and the Antwerp Zoo are also popular destinations. The city flourishes with a bustling nightlife including jazz clubs, bistros and discos.


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