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Private Guide in Belgium

Private Tours With Joyce Belgium & Beyond. Brussels. Belgium

Private Tours With Joyce Belgium & Beyond
Private Guide in Brussels

Our tourist guide in Belgium Joyce is a Belgium native, certified, accredited Tourist Guide for Belgium and professional Master Trainer. Read more

Latest Tourist Opinion about Travel to Russia:

Private Guide  in Europe
Andrey Vereshchagin St. Petersburg, Russia

Andrey was our guide for 2 days in St Petersburg in July. We corresponded easily by email to arrange our 2 day tour, with no problems. Andrey took us for a tour around St Petersburg city highlights on the first day visiting various sights including churches, palaces, & museums. We finished our tour at The Hermitage, with 3 hours of very detailed and informative commentary by Andrey, he knows his art! On our 2nd day our driver Cyril & Andrey took us out to see Peterhof Palace & gardens & Catherine’s Palace, both of which were amazing. The benefits of booking our tours through Andrey was that ...

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