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Private Guide in Austria

Gabriela Jemelka. Vienna. Austria

Gabriela Jemelka
Private Guide in Vienna

My name is Gabriela Jemelka-.  I am a private independent guide in Vienna and I would love to show you in Vienna, its surroundings and also all over Austria. Read more

Latest Tourist Opinion about Travel to Belgium:

Private Guide  in Europe
Private Tours With Joyce Belgium & Beyond Brussels, Belgium

My group of 16 truly enjoyed our tour in Brussels with Joyce. She was such a jolly guide and goes beyond what duty calls. One of my members left her wallet in one of our stops to eat, Joyce called the place and restaurant confirmed that they had the wallet. Because it was too late for us to go back to that place, Joyce promised us she will get it for us and will meet us on our way back. Joyce traveled an hour to get that wallet and true to her words, she was there waiting for us at the airport on our way back to the US with the wallet and everything on it in tact. We thank Joyce for her ...

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