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Private Guide in Australia

John Donaldson. Brisbane. Australia

John Donaldson
Private Guide in Brisbane

Hello, I am John Donaldson, I specialize in individual, tailor-made, personal & private tours of Brisbane and south-east Queensland.  Read more

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Private Guide  in Australia
John Donaldson Brisbane, Australia

Private Tour Jul-14. We are a family of 6 from Malaysia. John took us on Gold Coast and Brisbane full-day tours. It wasn't easy taking us on as we have young children, but John did very well. He was patient and adaptable, organising the time and activities to suit our pace so that it will be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone at the end of the day. Our children liked him very much. They described him as "a very kind man". And said that they wanted the same John if they ever went back to Gold Coast again. That spoke volume. Parents would know just what I meant.

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