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Private Guide in Israel

Avraham Tuval. Jerusalem. Israel

Avraham Tuval
Private Guide in Jerusalem

Various city tours are also available for Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and other locations.  Read more

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Private Guide  in Asia
Anna Ong Singapore, Singapore

We were two couples that had the pleasure of having Anna Ong as our guide in Singapore 22 November 2019. Anna is a very ambitious and flexibel guide that will do anything to accomodate your desires with a guided tour in Singapore. Her great knowledge of everything from arcitecture, including etnic culture, food,to the history of Singapore was impressive. Anna also has great knowledge of the botanic wolrd of Singapore. All in all, if you want a personalized tour from a proffesionial guide with a charming humor, Anna is the person for you.

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