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Private guides in Syria

Private Guide in Aleppo

Private Guide in Aleppo - Amer

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Aleppo Languages: French, English and Arabic

I started m work experience as owner for a small factory in Aleppo between 1990 and 2003 then i had the opportunity to be a branch manager for a leading worldwide express Company DHL in Aleppo and I served...

Private Guide in Damascus

Private Guide in Damascus - Maan

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Damascus Languages: English

After completing his studies in English literature, Maan began leading international trips throughout Syria. Since 1990, he's brought his love for Syria and all the Middle East to his work as a professional...

Private Guide in Damascus

Private Guide in Damascus - Mohamad

(Member Since 2005) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Damascus

We are proud to introduce itself as a companion to you in Syria, putting at your disposal it's well trained staff, professional management, close relations with Hotels management, transportation companies and...

Private guides in Syria


Capital: Damascus
Language: Arabic
Currency: Syrian pound (SYP)
Calling Code: +963


Like any other country with rich history and culture Syria has its fair share of significant and attractive historical monuments. The ancient cities of Bosra, Aleppo and Damascus constitute a part of the Unesco’s World Heritage list along with the incredibly beautiful ruined city of Palmyra.

Truth be told Syria has so many treats to offer that even the most seasoned traveler would find something to his/her taste. Here are only several of Syrian gems: maze-like medieval souqs, mighty Crusader castles, sacred Umayyad mosques and unique jewel-like Damascene houses. Be sure that you will find lots of other places of interest once you decide to take a closer look at Syrian landmarks. It may come as a surprise but most of these monuments are often woven in the fabric of daily life.

The locals usually take these places for granted – they pray their gods in mosques, picnic in the ruins, drink tea in old exquisite houses and shop in souqs. The Syrians are known for their hospitality and they never mind tourists to join them in any of these activities. It is worth noting that the national cuisine is simply superb so your journey to Syria would be incomplete if you don’t try something from the local dishes. 

Private Guide in Damascus

Private Guide in Damascus - Wasim

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Damascus Languages: English

Excursions, trips, nightlife, shopping all this and more - I can help you see Syria in a different way. I'm also able to take you around Tartous. I m orginally an Artist so I can guide you to valuable/ancient...

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Questions about Syria
Hello, I wish to learn more about Damascus. What interesting sightseeing do you recommend me to do in this beautiful city and what other nearby locations are a must to be seen? I also like to discover new cuisine. What Syrian traditional food and sweets do you suggest me to taste? Thanks, Oden
Simon (Private Guide) :
Hi There Oden, There is so much to see in Damascus ... it is difficult to mention all of them here ... But you defintely should go around the Old City by foot ... everything there is historical ... there are some houses , churches and mosques that have been there for 100s of years. See Al Zaytoun Church ,,, Umayyad Mosque,, Damascus Fort & Saladdin's Tomb in the Old City. Other than that don't miss the view from Qassioun Moutain .. As for Nearby locations if you mean in Syria .. You can definitely go see the Lost cities of Serjilla and Bara (around Hama governorate). Also Crac des Chevalier it is a fort just outside Homs (a city that is around 2hours away from Damascus) Away from Homs like 45minutes or less,, you can go see the Ancient Water Mills in Hama ... The first ever in civilization ... If you drive another couple of hours from there you could go see the site of the Ugarit civilizaition.. that gave the world the first Alphabet ..Around Lattakia. Another Big city with lots to see is Aleppo ... Forts, tombs , souqs etc... As I told you there is so much to see it is difficult to write everything here .. there is Palmyra , there is Aphamia many sights of old civilizations and monuments ... not to mention the bazars and souqs.. As for food ... make sure you try the following: Fattoush in Damascus Yalanji in Aleppo Kibbeh(so many types of it) in Aleppo Fatteh & Hommos in Damascus Sourkeh or Shanglish in Lattakia or Tartous (coastal cities) Shawarma in Lebanon As for sweets : Don't miss the famous Syrian Ice Cream from Bigdash in Damascus. You will not find it anywhere else except in Damascus .. Trust me .. people come from other Syrian Cities and neighbouring countries like Jordan , Lebanon and Gulf to eat it ... The shop selling this ice cream type is in Old Damascus also ... And if you drink alchohol do try Araq but be wise with it ,,,it is very strong and it takes you by surprise .. you think you are fine and all over a sudden your stomac and head are both turning ... So you need to sip it real slow and it is better to eat something suitable with it ... The locals will recommend that for you ... I hope I have summed it up ... Really it is impossbile to be brief about what you can see in Syria ... Also if you are in the Area... there is lots to see and try in Jordan and Lebanon ... If you plan your trip in such a way to allow a couple of days in each of these it will be worth your while.. Finally enjoy the nice, friendly people of Syria ... If you buy anything haggle till you drop ,,, once you turn your back away they will be coming after you to bid you to buy ... Check things like Aghabani , Mosaic & Brocar. Good luck & Have fun Simon