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Private Guide in Chile

Hector Medina. Santiago. Chile

Hector Medina
Private Guide in Santiago

I am Hector Medina - personal tour guide in Chile. I'm happy to help you plan your trip or simply drive and guide. I can offer you Santiago Tour, Wine Tour, Valparaiso Tour. Read more

Latest Tourist Opinion about Travel to Chile:

Private Guide  in South America
Hector Medina Santiago, Chile

This private service provided us with excellent communication and flexibility allowing us to preplan a Maipo Valley wine tour, see photos, and a tour of Santiago, Chile prior our arrival. HecTour Service was also able to assist us on very short notice. Due to an unexpected last minute flight cancellation we chose to fill the additional day with touring and HecTours Service was able to accommodate our requests and suggest activities that satisfied everyone. Our bilingual guides also helped us place our orders at restaurants by answering our questions about the menu items and then communicating ...

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