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Language: Spanish
Currency: Bolivar (VEB)

Information about Caracas

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and has a tropical savanna climate.  It is a popular vacation spot for vacationing as it is a diverse area where all different foods from various ethnicities can be found.  A modish place to see is Las Mercedes.  Here, there are restaurants, bars, art galleries, pools, and more.  Places of interest are the Bolivian Museum, an exquisite building that boasts a showcase of artifacts. 

The National Pantheon was created to show devotion to Simón Bolívar. The vault portion pantheon is cloaked with paintings from the 1930s that show scenes from Bolívar's life.  There is a gigantic chandelier constructed out of crystal that sparkles above and was mounted in 1883 on the centennial of his birth. 

The Parque Central was built using incredible architecture.  There are two octagon-shaped towers on top of the structure that are 56 feet high in the air.  Iglesia de San Francisco is a church with ancient artifacts and design.  A fantastic place to visit is the Parque de Este (East Park) in order to enjoy touring the zoo and marveling at the manmade lagoon. The enchanting park is a great sight to view with its culmination of three designed sections that are distinct from one another. 

There is a field which has grass and an open layout. A second area consists of a thickly forested setting with winding paths.  The third is a succession of surfaced gardens that have tiled murals as well as water works.  Please consider visiting Caracas.

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Venezuela is one of the most ecologically rich and diverse countries in the world but the pressures of population and the economy threatens many of Venezuela's natural wonders. However, private and...

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