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Private guides and guided tours in Hungary

Private guides in Hungary

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Adrienn

(Member Since 2015) Languages: english, german, hungarian

I was born and grew up in the tourism business, so I have travelled and learned a lot about guiding groups, since I was a child. I am a free lancer tourist guide, regularly escort groups or individual visitors in Hungary, guiding them in English or German. However, I usually travel with english speaking groups in almost the whole of Europe during 2-3 weeks, as a tour leader.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Ditta

(Member Since 2013) Languages: French

We offer for French speaking tourists a professional private guiding, full time assistance during their stay and comfortable limousine with private driver.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Gergo

(Member Since 2015) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest Languages: english

Budapest is my home. I was born here and I have been living here forty years ago. I have been in many countries of three continents but I have never seen a more beautiful city. I love the Danube as it crosses Budapest or as it crosses the mountains in the Danube bend. My dream is to live on the river onboard. I'm a PhD in education. For me it is only a hobby to guide VIP tourists in Budapest's river. But I do love it.

Private guides in Hungary


Capital: Budapest
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint (HUF)
Calling Code: +36
Guide Licensing Information


Hungary is a country located in central Europe that is bordered by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The climate of Hungary is continental, with hot summers and somewhat chilly, snowy winters. Hungary is one of the world’s top thirty tourist destinations, welcoming more than ten million visitors annually who come to explore the capital city, Budapest, and to enjoy the natural beauty of the country’s Great Plains, lakes and caves.

Although Hungary is completely landlocked, within its borders it has its own “sea.” Lake Balaton is a fresh-water lake that is the largest lake in Central Europe and a very popular destination for Hungarians and international visitors who come to its luxurious waterside resort towns, Balatonfured, Siofok and Keszthely. The Balaton Sound Music Festival takes place at the Zamardi resort every summer. Visitors to Lake Balaton enjoy swimming, sailing and fishing during summer; ice fishing and ice sailing in winter. Bicycling is popular year round. The resorts are located on the plains side of the lake, while opposite is the mountainous wine country.

Hortobagy National Park is another special location for nature lovers in Hungary. It is part of the Hungarian Great Plains and the largest plains region in Europe. Many protected species of flora and fauna can be found within the boundaries of the park, and it is a beautiful place to explore. Another  fascinating place to explore in Hungary are the Caves of the Aggtelek and Slovak karst, a system of 712 magnificent caves.

The most popular tourist destination in Hungary, however, is the capital city, Budapest. This city is a wonderland of fairy tale castles and astonishing architecture. The Buda Castle, for instance, is a splendid and massive structure built alongside the Danube River in a Baroque style. Within the castle are the Historical Museum and the National Art Gallery.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a remarkable Gothic and Romanesque structure featuring amazing towers and an incredible view. St. Stephen’s Basilica is another notable historical landmark of the city and one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest. It’s bell weighs 9 tons and can be heard ringing all over the city.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Andrew

(Member Since 2006) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest Languages: English, Italian

Hello there! I am Andrew, or in Hungarian it is Andras. I work as a licensed tourist guide for more than 30 years. So you see that I have a great deal of experience. Besides that I offer guided tours in Budapest in several languages: in English and Italian. I am a great specialist in the history and culture of Hungary.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Gabriella

(Member Since 2005) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest, Szentendre Languages: Hungarian, English, French

My name is Gabriella, a private and personal guide in Budapest and Hungary. I am very lucky because my job is my hobby. I am a licensed, experienced guide. I learned that beside history and arts my guests are also interested in our everyday life so I always try to give them a real picture about Hungary. I was educated during the communist period having a lot of memories about the fall of the regime. Languages: Hungarian, English, French; Qualification: University degree.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Julia

(Member Since 2015) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest Languages: English, French

My name is Julia, and I adore Hungary. I was born and raised in Budapest, I'm a real Budapester, so hopefully I can answer all your questions about my city. I'm a passionate and enthusiastic tour guide with fluent English and French and I will show you around my beautiful country that I hope you'll never forget. I've been guiding tours in Hungary for over 4 years.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Katalin

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest Languages: English, German, French, Hungarian

My name is Cathy, I am an official, licensed tour guide in Hungary. I feel enthusiasm and love for my exciting carrier that I have been doing for 16 years. All my Budapest tours can be done by car, or by bicycle, and also, using public transport and walking.

Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest - Zoltan

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Budapest, Eger, Szentendre Languages: English, Hungarian

Hello, dear friends! I am Zoltan Horvath, and I had the pleasure of working in the tourism industry for the past 24 years. I am a professional private guide in Budapest, and more importantly, I have a special license. I offer a wide range of individual guided tours in Budapest and its surrounding areas. I have an individual approach towards each and every of my clients, and certainly my service is very flexible and highly personalized.

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Guide Licensing Information for Hungary


Private tour guides are required to carry a valid license when conducting tours in Hungary that present the national culture, history, heritage and landmarks of the country. At the same time, guides offering leisure tours such as "local nightlife", "shopping tours" and similar activities do not need a license.

In order to get a license, the solicitor has to be a citizen of Hungary or have a valid working permit. The process starts with courses provided by local learning centers, aimed at training future guides in various fields such as history, customs, culture, arts, geography and many others. After completing the learning process, the solicitor has to pass exams with the local tourist authorities in order to get the actual license.

A valid license has to be carried by the guide all the time when rendering their services. It comes in the form of a plastic badge issued by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office, featuring all the personal and professional information of the person possessing it. The license grants the right to enter into any museum, historic or cultural sites for free and pass the lines, and in many places like these at least one licensed guide is required to conduct an actual tour.


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While I am in Hungary I want to check out some of the wineries that are located in the country. Are there any wineries that you know of that are perfect for tourists and aren’t highly expensive? I am a red wine drinker and would love to be able to taste freshly made Hungarian wine.
Rick Mikol
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