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Gergo - Private Guide in Budapest

Private Guide in Budapest
 Member Since 2015  Country: Hungary I conduct tours in cities: Budapest, Szentendre Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: NO Translation Service: NO Languages: english Education: Education PhD Math teacher Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Sailer trainer

Languages: english

Budapest is my home. I was born here and I have been living here forty years ago. I have been in many countries of three continents but I have never seen a more beautiful city. I love the Danube as it crosses Budapest or as it crosses the mountains in the Danube bend. My dream is to live on the river onboard. I'm a PhD in education. For me it is only a hobby to guide VIP tourists in Budapest's river. But I do love it.

I have a quite rare oldtimer wooden powerboat from the early 40's. She was a race boat until the 60's. When I bought her in the 90's the river police still had not the chance to reach me. She is 134 kgs and 4,1 meters (300 pounds and 13 feet 5 inches). She could use a 80 horsepower engine on a race but for a daily cruise we will use a 25 HP engine because of the carrying capacity limit.

If you cruise with this historical boat, you will never forget it.

It is a perfect tour for two, or for two with one or two little child.

The carrying capacity of the boat apart me is 200kgs (441 pounds). If you and your friends/family sum is more I do advise two shorter tours. The tour depends on the weather. If it is too windy or stormy we adjourn the tour. If you are not familiar with small boats please do not hesitate to ask for advices. Do not afraid, she is a safe boat but you should wear the right clothes for your comfort.

Depending on the weather we can cruise from April to October. If you prefer adventure we can travel with a sliding rigger boat as well or with a kayak.