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Private guides and guided tours in Spain

Private guides in Spain

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca - Miguel C.

(Member Since 2007) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Palma de Majorca Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian

Greetings from Palma de Majorca! First of all let me introduce you a remarkable private guide in Palma de Majorca – Miguel Corral. He graduated from the University of Majorca and majored in Tourism Industry. He is a highly professional licensed tour guide, which means that before starting to work in the tourism domain he had to pass several difficult examinations. Moreover he is a proficient speaker of English and Italian, and has special certificates from the Cambridge and Florence Universities.

Private Guide in Bilbao

Private Guide in Bilbao - Aitor Delgado

(Member Since 2013) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Bilbao Languages: Spanish, Basque, English, Italian, French and German

Welcome to the Basque Country! I love my country and I have been showing this hidden corner of Spain and France to my clients and friends that I made in my travels to more than 50 countries. I will be very glad to guide you through the must seens sights and also the off the beaten tracks of this part of Spain.

Private Guide in Tenerife

Private Guide in Tenerife - Carlos Romero

(Member Since 2014) Languages: Russian, spanish, english, german, italian

We will dedicate all the time needed to tailor make your dream trip in the Canary Islands. Cease being a number at the airport transferred by bus to hotel and vice versa. You are unique and we adapt to your needs carefully studying and working with you, your interests and wishes. We will introduce you to the most beautiful corners of our islands, those that have not been considered as a tourist attraction previously, therefore gaining the more personalized trip with no mass tourism.

Private guides in Spain


Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Calling Code: +34
Guide Licensing Information


Spain is a country with a captivating charm, offering exotic white sand beaches, intriguing historical cities, a vibrant nightlife, fantastic arts and crafts, fun festivals, natural beauty, amazing cuisine and more. Spain shares the Iberian Peninsula of western Europe with Portugal and a northern border with France. Its coastlines include shores on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the Mediterranean shores being most popular for beach holidays. The Canary Islands off the north African coast belong to Spain as well, and are extraordinarily popular seaside resort destinations with great scuba diving.

Spain’s rich historical narrative includes occupation by the ancient Romans and a later Moorish conquest. Many of the country’s most notable historic architectural sites show these influences. The Alhambra overlooking Grenada is one such landmark and is the most visited attraction in Spain. Built in the 14th century by Nasrid sultans, it is a breathtakingly beautiful complex of palaces, fortress and gardens. The Mesquita of Cordoba is another Moorish architectural wonder that was later converted into a Roman Catholic cathedral, and it’s famous for its hundreds of columns and arches in the main hall. The Roman Aqueducts of Segovia are another ancient historic site in Spain, as is the fortress of El Escorial in the mountains of Sieera de Guadarrama, and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

In addition to the many fascinating medieval castles, mosques and cathedrals that attract so many visitors, the beaches of the Wild Coast, Costa Brava, as well as those of The Canary Islands, La Concha beach in San Sebastian, and most especially, Ibiza. Ibiza is a Balearic Island that is world-renowned as one of Europe’s most popular party destinations. Summers on Ibiza are packed with music, dancing and drinking on the beaches and in the island’s many popular night clubs.

Water sports are always popular on Spain’s beaches, but outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy downhill skiing in northern Spain, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, hiking in Galicia and mountain climbing in Los Mallos and Siurana. And just about any time of year, there will be a festival to enjoy.

Private Guide in Bilbao

Private Guide in Bilbao - Carmen

(Member Since 2015) Languages: German, french, english, spanish, italian

I specialize in travel to the Basque Country (Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona, La Rioja, Vitoria-Gasteiz ...) for over 30 years. My passion is to introduce my culture and my country to the world. I love to meet people from around the world and talk with them. Métrisant English, German, French, Italian, ... I will be a pleasure to invite you to an amazing tour of the Basque lands, between city and mountain, modernity and tradition, an unforgettable experience , specializing in GOURMET tours in Basque Country, Spain.

Private Guide in Murcia

Private Guide in Murcia - Luis Gallego Mayordomo

(Member Since 2012) Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

I have a long experience as a tourist guide and a wide knowledge of my region, Spain and most countries in Europe. For the last 14 years I have combined my work as a teacher with that of a guide. Last year I left my teaching job and now I do what I actually like best. Travelling and learning has always been my passion. Working as a guide makes it possible to link work and leisure. It is a profession which I really enjoy.

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca - Pedro O.

(Member Since 2018) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Palma de Majorca, Valdemossa Languages: English, German and Spanish

Greetings from Mallorca! My name is Pedro Oliver and I am a native Mallorcan and official tourist guide. I speak English, German and Spanish. I have passion for what I do and I love to show “Mallorca My Way” to those who visit us.

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca - Alex F.

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Palma de Majorca Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, German

Hello there! Let me at first introduce myself. My name is Alex Fraile and I work as a private guide in Spain. I specialize in guiding tours for various individuals – members of a family, group of friends, sole travelers, businessman and others. I offer a wide range of tours: cultural, historical, gastronomic, cruise etc. I have experience working with VIP clients and I can provide the best possible service.

Private Guide in Valencia

Private Guide in Valencia - Elena P.

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Valencia Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French

My tours are informative, full of daily life details and 100% adapted to you. I’m an easy going person, always happy to help you enjoy your time here and sort out all the needs you may have concerning your stay in my town. Besides, having fun is a must, too. Do not forget you are on vacation!

Private Guide in Donostia-San Sebastian

Private Guide in Donostia-San Sebastian - Iker B.

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Donostia-San Sebastian, Bilbao Languages: English, Spanish, Basque, French

I have a long experience guiding people along the Basque Country, specially around San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria as well as the French-Basque Country and the famous Rioja Wine region.

Private Guide in Ronda

Private Guide in Ronda - Juan Garcia Corral

(Member Since 2018) Languages: Spanish, English, German

I was born in Malaga, where I finished my studies of tourism. As a tour manager, I started doing long term tours in Morocco and Andalusia. I live in Marbella and in the latest years, I guide only in Ronda, Marbella, Malaga and some of the White Villages.

Private Guide in Malaga

Private Guide in Malaga - Maike Ange

(Member Since 2012) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Ronda, Malaga Languages: english, spanish, german, french

Welcome to my site! As a professional tour guide it is my passion to show our visitors the beauty of this country and to bring them to the most special sites! I am working for international travel agencies, as well as for institutions, private groups and families - from all over the world.

Private Guide in Malaga

Private Guide in Malaga - Mark Petley

(Member Since 2012) Languages: English,Spanish and French

My name is Mark,from London England and I have been living in Spain for the last 21 years. I have always worked within the tourist industry from windsurfing/sailing instructor to my present company offering private Vip/minivan tours around all the amazing sites of Andalucia. I also offer amazing off road quad biking tours near my base in Mijas. You can not imagine how beautiful and amazing the cities and 'white andalucian villages are, not to mention the brilliant scenery.

Private Guide in Marbella

Private Guide in Marbella - Ricardo

(Member Since 2016) Languages: Spanish ,Italian,French ,English

Hello! I am Ricardo Rodriguez and I work as a private guide in Andalucia ( Malaga) I was born in Tangier . And i live in Marbella this remarkable city and that’s why I want to share its matchless culture and glorious history of Andalucia with people from other countries, belonging to other nationalities. Here are some words about my education.

Private Guide in Malaga

Private Guide in Malaga - Roland K.

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Malaga, Ronda, Marbella Languages: English, Deutsch, French, Spanish

Hello there! My name is Roland. I work as a private guide in Spain for many years now. It is worth noting that I have a special guide license which means that I had to pass a difficult exam in order to be officially allowed to work in tourism industry. Almost 20 years ago I got the license and since then work as a professional private guide in Malaga. It is my specialty, thought it is possible to organize a private tour in any part of Spain. I really enjoy my work.

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Guide Licensing Information for Spain

In Spain, the license received by the guide permits him or her to render their services only in the city, where the license is issued. And it’s not very easy to get such a license in the first place. The person has to be a citizen of Spain, have a degree in tourism, and take several exams to prove one’s knowledge and skills. Traditionally, it is believed that the control over such things as guide license isn’t very strict in Spain, and partially it is true. This country is such a popular destination with so many tourists and guides that proving one’s lack of license can be a rather demanding task. However, if such a guide gets caught by the authorities, serious fines will follow. 

If a foreign citizen wishes to become a guide in Spain, he or she will have to obtain a working visa, living permit and Foreign Affairs Ministry’s permit. The requirements may vary depending on region. 

The advantages of being a licensed guide are apparent. By having a license, the guide gains the possibility to provide guiding services through any museums and landmarks. Besides, the guide is able to pass any lines by just showing the license. And last but not the least, there aren’t as many guides speaking languages other than the usual European. So if you have skills in different languages, becoming a licensed guide in Spain may become a rather promising career opportunity. 

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